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Practical skills from people with years of experience.

Practical, hands-on training to give you the confidence to respond...

First Aid

Accredited & Bespoke training in First Aid & Health:

  • First Aid (18 hours) & Emergency First Aid (6 hours)
    OfQual & SQA recognised award.
  • Outdoor/Remote First Aid
    For when you are far from help…
  • AED (Defibrillator) Training
  • First Aid Plus
    Advanced first aid training for those who are far from help or in the field
    for extended periods.
  • First Aid for (Humanitarian) Fieldworkers
    A highly practical and intensive course
  • First Aid & Health for Travellers
    Tropical diseases, snake bites, sickness, etc…
  • First Aid for Sport Exercise & Leisure
    Ideal for a clubs. Gives coaches, players and participants confidence in dealing with common sporting issues.
  • Other Courses…
    Tailored courses to suit the needs of our clients, e.g. paediatric first aid, first aid for bikers, climbers, etc.

All our first aid and health training is practical & hands-on

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